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Dr. Stillwater Reviews

Looking for friendly, reliable premium bottled water delivery in Rockford Illinois and the greater Stateline area? Here's what some of our valued customers have to say...

"We have been drinking water from Dr. Stillwater Co. since our first child was born in 1990. We live a healthy lifestyle and think pure water is very important. Dr. Stillwater Company provides the healthiest water and honest service. Thanks!"

Rory M., Rockford, IL

"Pleasant company to deal with. Courteous delivery men."

Marge D., Loves Park, IL

"I really like the fact that Dr. Stillwater Co. doesn’t have any contracts. You’re not obligated to purchase a certain amount every month. They let me tell them how much water I want delivered without penalties or having to be tied into a service. Thanks for providing such great service with no hassles!"

Joan B., Machesney Park, IL

"The delivery man is very sweet. He brings my water in my house for me and puts the bottle on the cooler. You can’t get that kind of service from other companies. Thank you Dr. Stillwater Co."

Alice M., Rockford, IL

"I have officially become a water snob! I just can’t drink any other water anymore. Because their water is so pure, it’s Dr. Stillwater Company’s water or nothing at all in my book. I am so glad that I found you!"

Charles J., Rockford, IL