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Steam Distillation - Crafting Water the Way Mother Nature Intended

Dr. Stillwater Company has been a trusted provider of premium bottled water to the Rock River Valley community since 1987.

Our journey began out of a deep concern for the well-being of our friends and neighbors. Witnessing a rise in articles highlighting escalating cases of cancer and leukemia, particularly among school children, we felt compelled to establish a business that could make a positive impact on our community.

While municipal water adheres to EPA and Illinois Department of Public Health guidelines, it still contains inorganic minerals, sediments, and traces of volatile chemicals. Numerous studies reveal that even at low levels, these contaminants can pose risks to human health.

Hydrologic Cycle

Purified water that replicates nature's own hydrologic cycle.

Determined to find the most effective method for purifying municipal water, we extensively researched the processes on the market and discovered that steam distillation replicated nature's own purification system...the hydrologic cycle. It begins when the sun causes water to evaporate and form tiny droplets that cannot be seen by the naked eye. A distillation unit mimics this process by boiling the water in the boiling chamber and causing steam to rise while any dissolved solids fall to the bottom of the boiling chamber. In nature, these droplets begin to condense to form clouds. In our distillation unit, condensing coils are used and are cooled by a fan to convert the steam back into droplets of water. This is called distillant. In nature, the distillant falls back to earth in the process called precipitation (rain, snow, hail). In Doctor Stillwater's distillation unit, these droplets fall into a holding chamber awaiting use.

The consistent quality of the water produced by steam distillation perfectly aligned with our vision. We are confident that once you experience our product, you'll recognize its excellence for both drinking and cooking, producing the best coffee you have ever tasted. Our water also makes crystal clear ice cubes, pets and plants love it, and it’s safe to use in CPAP machines, humidifiers, irons, and other appliances that require the use of water.

Living in the Stateline area, which boasts one of the highest rates of bladder cancer in the United States per capita, we were further motivated by newspaper articles warning of elevated lead levels in municipal water and frequent "boil orders." Shortly after our inception, residents in Roscoe and Rockton faced alarming levels of chemicals in private wells, followed by similar issues in Southeast Rockford.

With these concerns in mind, we established our locally owned and operated water purification business. Our goal was to deliver a premium product at an affordable price, consistently ensuring top-notch quality.

At Dr. Stillwater Company, we take pride in being an integral part of our community. When you choose us, you're not just a customer; you're part of our extended family. Expect friendly and professional service every time.

For a premium bottled water that you and your family can trust, contact Dr. Stillwater Company. We look forward to serving you.

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