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Distillation vs. Hydrologic Cycle

Let's begin by comparing a home distillation unit to mother nature's own purification system; the hydrologic cycle.

Water in Nature – Our world is covered by 70% water. Of that water only 2.5% is fresh water, the rest is saline and ocean based. Of the Fresh water available, only 1% is easily accessible, with much of our fresh water trapped in glaciers and snowfields. Therefore, it is very important that the freshwater we have available for drinking is pure. We need to take steps to ensure that our families have clean, safe water for drinking.

Here at Dr. Stillwater Company, we believe that Steam Distillation is by far the best possible method to purify water. The same principles set forth by mother nature in the Hydrologic Cycle can easily be copied consistently in your very own home for just pennies a day.

Distillation versus Hydrologic Cycle

Distillation vs Hydrologic Cycle

  1. Source water is introduced into the unit. Compare this to the lakes, rivers, streams and oceans that cover the earth.
  2. Our sun causes water to evaporate in tiny droplets that cannot be seen by the naked eye. A distillation unit mimics This process by boiling the water in the boiling chamber and causing steam to rise while any dissolved solids fall to The bottom of the boiling chamber. A baffle prevents any of the boiling water from splashing out of the chamber.
  3. In nature, these droplets begin to condense to form clouds. In our distillation unit, condensing coils are used and are Cooled by a fan to convert the steam back into droplets of water. This is called distillant.
  4. In nature, the distillant falls back to earth in the process called precipitation. Depending on conditions, the distillant Can fall back to earth as rain, snow or hail. The distillant then either travels over the ground to return to the lakes, rivers, Streams or oceans or seeps into the ground and is held in large pockets called aquifers which humans can tap for use. In our distillation unit, these droplets fall into a holding chamber awaiting use. Some units even come with a pump system So that the distillant is accessible right from your kitchen faucet or refrigerator.

Water Consistency

Water Consistency

Now that we know how Steam Distillation works and the consistent quality of the end product, let’s talk about some other forms of water purification available on the market today.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) – is a process of forcing water under pressure through a synthetic membrane. In theory, the membrane only allows “treated” water to pass through the membrane while preventing contaminants from passing through. In most cases, RO systems work best With water pressures of 120-150 psi (pounds per square inch). Unfortunately, most homes have water pressures from 40-80 psi which Sometimes is not enough to effectively do the job. Furthermore, when RO filters and membranes are brand new, they are most effective (70-90%) on removing contaminants. Over time however, these membranes break down, filters become clogged with debris and must be Replaced. In addition to the replacement costs of membranes and filters, you may also notice an increase in your water bill. The amount of Water an RO system wastes in the “treatment”process is sometimes as much as 10 gallons of waste water for every 1 gallon of “treated” water. Lastly, there really is no way to monitor whether or not the system is working properly and you must depend on the sales person to notify you when a filter change is required. Typically every 3-6 months at a cost of between $25 and $100 per filter / membrane.

The amount of Water an RO system wastes in the “treatment” process is sometimes as much as 10 gallons of waste water for every 1 gallon of “treated” water.

Activated Carbon Filtration – Carbon filtration alone; like those that attach to your kitchen faucet or are inserted into a pitcher can in fact improve taste, remove odors and can be affective in the reduction of a number of contaminants over the short term. However, even brand new activated carbon filters cannot effectively reduce many other contaminants such as insecticides, pesticides, bacteria or viruses. Even more disturbing is that research has shown that in order for activated carbon filters to be most effective, they have to have contact with the water for 7 to 18 minutes! Most household filters hold the water for less than a minute – so how can that be effective. Furthermore, the water to be treated has to pass through the previously removed contaminants held within the carbon filter, thus increasing the load on the filter and increasing the risk of contaminants passing through to the filtered water. Activated carbon filters need to be changed frequently (once every 30-60 days depending upon the frequency of use) and can cost anywhere from $15 to $35 on average depending on the model.

Steam Distillation – For just pennies a day, you too can produce the Purest water available from your own home without having to be Contracted by a dealership. Home distillation units are easy to clean, Are low-maintenance and do not require any replacement parts other than a post-carbon filter once every 3 to 6 months at the cost of about $5 – $15 depending upon the type of unit. Best of all, you can depend On consistent water quality year after year.

Plant Foods and Minerals


Some people have the mistaken belief that essential minerals are derived from the water they drink. Yes, we do need minerals. But, the source of minerals for the body is the food that we eat – not the water we drink. Plants have the unique ability to convert inorganic minerals absorbed from the soil and water into organic forms our bodies can use. Our bodies can use few, if any, of the minerals absorbed in water. These minerals merely contaminate our water and hinder the water from performing its natural functions. According to experts in the field, there are several different kinds of water, and most of them are harmful in some way. These waters carry minerals, metals, and inorganic compounds into our body that we can't use.

These waters carry 80% of all sickness and disease. They may contain over 700 identifiable chemicals, all of which permeate our systems and may be accumulating there. When water brought into our bodies is already polluted, its natural cleansing functions are impaired. As a result, we may develop health problems as these pollutants build up in our blood vessels, joints, and internal organs. Some health specialists believe we experience hardening of the arteries, arthritis kidney stones, gallstone, vision problems (glaucoma and cataracts), loss of hearing, diabetes, obesity, emphysema and other ailments in greater intensities and more frequently when we live and consume polluted or contaminated water. Of the several types of water: rain, snow-melt, raw, hard, filtered, soft, de-ionized, boiled and distilled, only distilled is PURE and virtually free of all contaminants. As a result, distilled water has no taste, color, odor bacteria, heavy metals, acids, organic mineral, toxic chemicals or poisons. Distilled water enters your system clean. It is free to absorb and wash away the poisons your system generates and the poisons that have accumulated.

Of the several types of water: rain, snow-melt, raw, hard, filtered, soft, de-ionized, boiled and distilled, only distilled is PURE and virtually free of all contaminants.

As a result, distilled water has no taste, color, odor bacteria, heavy metals, acids, organic mineral, toxic chemicals or poisons. Distilled water enters your system clean. It is free to absorb and wash away the poisons your system generates and the poisons that have accumulated.

There's no absolute medical proof that drinking distilled water will cure any of the affore mentioned ailments. But, there are hundreds of case histories of people who have enjoyed success in alleviating or overcoming these health problems when they began drinking distilled water exclusively.

The preceding are just a few reasons why I drink distilled water. I am not an evolutionist but I do believe that man was created an adaptable organism and that it take a long time for an organism to adapt to a changing environment. Man has been living on earth for thousands of years. During most of this time he has been adapted to a natural environment getting his water from unpolluted springs, streams and shallow wells. This water has been relatively pure containing only moderate amounts of naturally occurring substances. But conditions have changed. Since the industrial revolution, and especially since World War II, we have dumped synthetic chemicals by the thousands into the environment. We are not adapted to these man-made chemicals. We know that many of them are toxic. We do not know the effects these will have on our bodies or the long range effects they will have on the bodies of our children and the generations to come. Does it not make sense, therefore, to consume only pure water produced by a good quality distiller right in your own home.

Dr. Clifford C. Dennison

Top Myths About Distilled Water

Myth #1. Simple H2O isn't good enough.

The Truth: Distilled water is simply pure water that functions perfectly to hydrate, flush, dissolve, transport, lubricate and custion (all those essentials we should be able to expect water to do). The other important fact to note is, that steam distillation is a time-tested and proven method for producing healthy water that is based on real science.

Myth #2. Beneficial minerals come from drinking water.

The Truth: Somepeople still debate whether the inorganic minerals in water – essetially dissolved rock – can even be absorbed in the human body. We do know, however, the type and amount of minerals found in tap water vary greatly, making water an inconsistent and unreliable source of minerals. We also know a well-balanced diet provides an abunda nce of healthy, organic minerals. In fact, The American Medical Journal states, “the body's need for minerals is largely met through foods, not drinking water.” Drinking pure distilled water rather than “mineral” water will not cause a mineral deficiency.

Myth #3. Distilled water leaches minerals from the body.

The Truth: Again, we have a suspicious theory, not a fact. This theory says distilled water is “aggressive” and will remove minerals You need to maintain good health. This is an absured claim because it is scientifically impossible! Once you ingest minerals, they become organically bound and there is no scientific way for distilled water to physically “rob” your body of nutients that have become part of the body's cell structure.

Myth #4. Distilled water tastes “flat."

The Truth: The fist thing to consider about this myth is that most people don't like the taste of their tap water. As a result, they often substitute flavored beverages. You have no idea how delicious water can taste until you experience fresh, distilled water.

Where's our proof? You'll find it on our testimonials page of our website.

Myth #5. Distilled water is acidic.

The Truth: Pure distilled water is considered to be neutral, with a pH of 7. (The same as the human body) Since distilled water has no dissolved solids for buffering, it is extremely sensitive to the addition of minute amounts of any substance. When you drink distilled water, for instance, it immediately combines with the extremely low pH stomach acids. In other words, the distilled water adjusts to your body rather than your body adjusting to the pH of the water. Distilled water, therefore, has no effect on the body's acid or alkaline balance.

Distilled Water Uses

Common Uses For Distilled Water

These are just a few samples of the wide range of uses for distilled water. Not only is it great for drinking, and making coffee and tea, but you can use it for so much more. Also great for use in CPAP machines or any other household appliance that requires the use of water without damaging equipment or requiring cleaning and maintenance!

To illustrate this point:

  • Cold Beverages: Enhance the freshly squeezed natural juice flavor Works great for drink mixes and instant beverages.
  • Hot Beverages: Keeps your coffee maker clean while making a great cup of coffee!
  • Cooking: Wonderful for cooking. Enhances food flavor.
  • Skin Care: Get Radiant Skin by cleansing daily With distilled water and without pore-clogging impurities.
  • Ice: Crystal Clear Ice Cubes!
  • Infant Care: Pure enough for formulas, inhalation therapy and herbal tinctures.
  • Pets: Pets enjoy the same pure water benefits as their human companions! Keep Fish Tanks Clean… No Chlorine, no other Chemicals to setup your tank – fish love it!!