Our Story

Dr. Stillwater Company has been producing and delivering a known water to the Rock River Valley community since 1987.

We began our company because of our concern for safe, quality drinking water for our friends and neighbors. When we noticed an increase in the number of newspaper articles regarding higher and higher instances of cancer and leukemia, especially in school children, we knew we wanted to start a business that would benefit our community as a whole.

While municipal water meets all guidelines set forth by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the Illinois Department of Public Health, there are still many inorganic minerals, sediments and trace elements of volatile chemicals that can be present. Several studies have shown that even in very low levels, some of these pollutants can be harmful to human health.

At Dr. Stillwater Company, we knew that we wanted to find the best possible process for taking that municipal water and purifying it for drinking. We researched several methods and found that the best process on the market today was that of Steam Distillation. The consistent quality of the end product was exactly what we were looking for and we know that once you’ve tried our product, you’ll agree that it is fantastic not only for drinking, but for cooking as well and makes the best coffee you’ve ever had.

Here in the Stateline area, we have one of the highest rates of bladder cancer in the United States per capita. We also found newspaper articles that were warning residents of higher than normal levels of lead in municipal water and frequent “boil orders”. A few years after we started our business, residents in Roscoe and Rockton had astonishing levels of chemicals in their private wells and a few months later, residents in Southeast Rockford were also having issues with private wells.

It is with these ideas in mind that we began our locally owned and operated water purification business. We wanted to be able to produce a premium product at a price that anyone could afford, again with consistent quality each and every time.

At Dr. Stillwater Company we pride ourselves on being a part of our community. You are always treated like a customer, not a number. You can count on us for friendly, professional services.

So if you are looking for a premium bottled water for you and your family, call Dr. Stillwater Company; we look forward to serving you.

Our Goal

To educate our community about water quality in the hope that they will one day purchase a home distillation unit so that our services will no longer be required.

He's the best physician who knows the worthlessness of medicine.
-Benjamin Franklin

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