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Top Myths About Distilled Water

1. Simple H2O isn't good enough.

The Truth: Distilled water is simply pure water that functions perfectly to hydrate, flush, dissolve, transport, lubricate and custion (all those essentials we should be able to expect water to do). The other important fact to note is, that steam distillation is a time-tested and proven method for producing healthy water that is based on real science.

2. Beneficial minerals come from drinking water.

The Truth: Somepeople still debate whether the inorganic minerals in water – essetially dissolved rock – can even be absorbed in the human body. We do know, however, the type and amount of minerals found in tap water vary greatly, making water an inconsistent and unreliable source of minerals. We also know a well-balanced diet provides an abunda nce of healthy, organic minerals. In fact, The American Medical Journal states, “the body’s need for minerals is largely met through foods, not drinking water.” Drinking pure distilled water rather than “mineral” water will not cause a mineral deficiency.

3. Distilled water leaches minerals from the body.

The Truth: Again, we have a suspicious theory, not a fact. This theory says distilled water is “aggressive” and will remove minerals You need to maintain good health. This is an absured claim because it is scientifically impossible! Once you ingest minerals, they become organically bound and there is no scientific way for distilled water to physically “rob” your body of nutients that have become part of the body’s cell structure.

4. Distilled water tastes “flat”.

The Truth: The fist thing to consider about this myth is that most people don’t like the taste of their tap water. As a result, they often substitute flavored beverages. You have no idea how delicious water can taste until you experience fresh, distilled water.

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5. Distilled water is acidic.

The Truth: Pure distilled water is considered to be neutral, with a pH of 7. (The same as the human body) Since distilled water has no dissolved solids for buffering, it is extremely sensitive to the addition of minute amounts of any substance. When you drink distilled water, for instance, it immediately combines with the extremely low pH stomach acides. The distilled wter adjust to your body rather than your body adjusting to the pH of the water. Distilled water, therefore, has no effect on the body’s acid or alkaline balance.

Our Goal

To educate our community about water quality in the hope that they will one day purchase a home distillation unit so that our services will no longer be required.

He's the best physician who knows the worthlessness of medicine.
-Benjamin Franklin


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