Distillation Vs. Hydrologic Cycle

How we captured the process of purification from nature.
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Distillation vs Hydrologic Cycle

Let’s begin by comparing a home distillation unit to mother nature’s own purification system; the hydrologic cycle.

Water in Nature – Our world is covered by 70% water. Of that water only 2.5% is fresh water, the rest is saline and ocean based. Of the Fresh water available, only 1% is easily accessible, with much of our fresh water trapped in glaciers and snowfields. Therefore, it is very important that the freshwater we have available for drinking is pure. We need to take steps to ensure that our families have clean, safe water for drinking.

Here at Dr. Stillwater Company, we believe that Steam Distillation is by far the best possible method to purify water. The same principles set forth by mother nature in the Hydrologic Cycle can easily be copied consistently in your very own home for just pennies a day.

Hydrologic CycleHome Distillation

Distillation vs Hydrologic Cycle

  1. Source water is introduced into the unit. Compare this to the lakes, rivers, streams and oceans that cover the earth.
  2. Our sun causes water to evaporate in tiny droplets that cannot be seen by the naked eye. A distillation unit mimics This process by boiling the water in the boiling chamber and causing steam to rise while any dissolved solids fall to The bottom of the boiling chamber. A baffle prevents any of the boiling water from splashing out of the chamber.
  3. In nature, these droplets begin to condense to form clouds. In our distillation unit, condensing coils are used and are Cooled by a fan to convert the steam back into droplets of water. This is called distillant.
  4. In nature, the distillant falls back to earth in the process called precipitation. Depending on conditions, the distillant Can fall back to earth as rain, snow or hail. The distillant then either travels over the ground to return to the lakes, rivers, Streams or oceans or seeps into the ground and is held in large pockets called aquifers which humans can tap for use. In our distillation unit, these droplets fall into a holding chamber awaiting use. Some units even come with a pump system So that the distillant is accessible right from your kitchen faucet or refrigerator.


Our Goal

To educate our community about water quality in the hope that they will one day purchase a home distillation unit so that our services will no longer be required.

He's the best physician who knows the worthlessness of medicine.
-Benjamin Franklin


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